Audit Committee

Our bylaws provide for an Audit Committee, which oversees, among other matters, supervising the compliance of internal audit programs and ensuring that the preparation, presentation and disclosure of financial information meets the standards set forth in applicable laws and regulations. Our Audit Committee is integrated of five Directors appointed for one-year terms, designated as follows:

Three principal board members deemed to be independent directors;

Two principal or alternate board members, to be elected by the majority of shareholders at the annual shareholders’ meeting in which members of the Audit Committee are designated.

The chairperson of our Audit Committee must be an independent board member. All of the decisions of our Audit Committee are taken by a majority of votes, and meetings are held at least every three months.

Members Audit Committee

  1. Pedro Alberto Ramón y Cajal Agüeras (*) See profile

  2. Francisco Javier Azqueta Sánchez-Arjona (*) See profile

  3. Lina Marcela Zuluaga Ocampo (*) See profile

  4. Alfonso Gómez Palacio (**) See profile

  5. Francisco Javier Quiroga Alba See profile

(*) Independent
(**) Chairman of the Board of Directors
(***) Dr. Lina Marcela Zuluaga Ocampo resigned as a member of the Board of Directors; her replacement will be appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders.