“Choose to be you”

“At Telefónica Movistar we see diversity as a competitive advantage that allows us to approach and satisfy the needs of our customers. We know that diversity and difference foster empathy and innovation, generate business value and have a positive impact on our results. We have Diversity initiatives, through which we want to guarantee equal opportunities and attract heterogeneous talent”.

Sello Equipares

Telefónica Movistar is the first Telco in Colombia to obtain the “Equipares Labor Equity Gold Seal” recertification, which is awarded for closing the main gender gaps in the Gender Equality Management System (SGIG), implemented in companies, seeking that with this they are able to generate cultural transformations and action plans in favor of gender equality.

Since 2013 the company has participated in the implementation of the Equality System, in 2015 it achieved the “Sello de Plata Equipares” Recognition for the creation of a gender equality management system and implementation of action plans, in 2018 we obtained the level highest with the “Sello de Oro”, by closing our gaps and in 2020 we reconfirmed our commitment to generate work spaces of equality, achieving the recertification in “Sello de Oro” and becoming the first Telco in Colombia to obtain this recognition.

This seal has allowed us to make substantial, coherent and conscious progress to prevent and eradicate all forms of discrimination, inequality and violence against women in the organization, while taking measures to ensure equal opportunities with cross-cutting actions that benefit to men and women

Par Ranking – Aequales Community

Since 2015, Ranking Par has been measuring the gender equality performance of private companies, public entities and SMEs.

For this 2020, the consultancy Aequales presented the official results of Gender Equity in Organizations, where it measured 910 organizations across the continent for their inclusion, diversity and equity practices. In Latin America, it highlighted the work of companies in Colombia and Peru. , in this event we were recognized with the special category, 1st place as the company with “Best Labor Practice in Colombia”, for its leadership and awareness programs to promote female leadership within the organization.

Additionally, we are part of the Aequales Community, a network of companies that promote diversity and equity practices among their collectives.

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

According to Bloomberg, Telefónica stands out for its practices (Best in Class) in the creation of policies, programs and awareness-raising aimed at gender equality. In the same way, the complaints channel that we have open for our collaborators is positively valued; in addition to being a benchmark for our support for educational and awareness programs to advance equality.

The index, made up of 104 companies from 10 activity sectors, in which there are only 5 telecommunications operators worldwide, places us with 72.29 points, out of a total of 100.

Pride Connection

We are committed to the diversity and equality of our collaborators, since June 2018 we are part of Pride Connection, the business network that promotes diversity and the inclusion of LGBTIQ people.

Telefónica Movistar committed from Senior Management, we have developed a series of activities that strengthen our commitment to having an organization that guarantees equal opportunities for recruitment, training, development, remuneration and quality of life, as well as zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.

Ranking of Inclusive Companies

In the 2020 edition of We Trade, the LGBT+ Fair in Latin America, the Ranking of Inclusive Companies 2020 was presented, which groups companies with the best practices in terms of diversity and inclusion.

The ranking was created by the Colombian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, the US Embassy and the National Consultation Center, through a methodology that allows measuring 16 indicators that allows knowing the situation of companies in terms of inclusion and their progress. and their opportunities for improvement.

For the 2020 edition, more than 120 companies participated, where Movistar is recognized with the 2nd place within the Top 10 companies with the best practices in diversity and inclusion, as well as the special category Wellness Program Outstanding for the design of benefits aimed at members. of the LGBT+ community within the organization.

This recognition motivates us to continue our work to promote a culture of Diversity and Inclusion.

Employers for Youth – FirstJob 2021

According to the Employers for Youth 2021 study by the Firstjob consultancy, carried out in May 2021, we ranked 15th among the Best Companies for Young Professionals.

Employers for Youth (EFY) is a study that measures the best companies for young professionals, according to a survey applied to employees under 35 years of age and with permanent contracts in companies. This year more than +12,500 young professionals from +80 participating companies were surveyed.

This result is a reflection of the work of the organization focused on strengthening the dimensions of Recognition, Career Development, Benefits, Recruitment, Infrastructure, Employer Brand, Innovation, Work Environment and Quality of Life, which positively impacts collaborators.