Movistar is aware that the technological revolution is one of the most powerful tools in the active contribution to equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Digital inclusion has great potential to help reduce poverty, improve infrastructure or expand the supply of access to services such as health, education or financial services, among others. Connectivity is, therefore, the great ally that allows us to guarantee access to digital life, with the best technology and without leaving anyone behind.

To achieve a truly inclusive information society, everyone must be able to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) with confidence. This means that improving ICT “accessibility” should be a key item on the agenda for service and equipment providers.

  • Recognitions: Telefónica Movistar in 2017 deserving of recognition as the first accessible telco in the country. In 2022 we were winners of the Andesco Sustainability Award in the Inclusion category
  • Face-to-face attention: 35 Experience Centers nationwide with terminals for exclusive use in communication with virtual interpreters from FENASCOL. Additionally, the Special Attention Protocols for People with Visual and Hearing Impairments were created and sensitization and training for the Experience Center channel was carried out through virtual training, where the attention tips and protocols established for the population in condition were reinforced. visual and hearing impairment; Similarly.
  • Online attention: the accessible sites of our institutional and commercial page were created. Likewise, all the forms for filing the PQR of all the products were developed in an accessible format.
  • Catalog of accessible terminals: with the collaboration of the areas in charge, the catalog of accessible terminals was integrated into our commercial page, which allows disabled people to obtain information on the accessibility of each of the terminals marketed according to their needs. This catalog is available in the eShop and on the Movistar Colombia website.
  • Labor relationship of people with disabilities: starting in the second semester of 2019, with the selected provider Fundación Arcángeles, an action plan was developed and executed to incorporate these people by making the necessary adjustments in processes, structures and in turn generating a true transformation in the imaginaries of the collaborators on the subject. We have 17 people with disabilities on our staff.
  • Accessible information: since 2016 the Company has published the Responsible Management Report in a format accessible to people with visual disabilities.
  • Movistar Sin Barreras: we reaffirm our commitment to the country’s accessibility by launching “Movistar Sin Barreras” in 2021, a benefit of 15% discount on postpaid mobile plans of the current commercial offer, aimed exclusively at people with disabilities. This benefit can be purchased at any Experience Center nationwide, and to access it, it is only necessary to present the certificate of disability issued by the EPS and IPS, in accordance with Resolution 113 of 2020 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
  • Training: as part of the inclusion processes in training actions, since 2020 the Fundación Telefónica Movistar has linked the population with disabilities in robotics, programming and digital literacy activities in order to identify the way in which children, Girls and adolescents with physical, mild cognitive, and deaf disabilities learn through technology. In this sense, with the support of ROWTH S.A.S., in 2020, entrepreneurial vacations were held in a virtual field in which 30 boys and girls with disabilities participated. In 2021, in partnership with the Ministry for the participation of people with disabilities and the Mayor’s Office of Guatavita, a pilot was developed to create a methodology to teach robotics and programming with the disabled population.
  • Theater play: we invited clients and the institutional public to the first play performed and directed by people in wheelchairs, “La Cantante Calva”.
  • Table of Diversity and Inclusion of the Global Compact Red Colombia: we are one of the organizations participating in this Table. It is a scenario in which we share practices to join efforts and work for a more inclusive world, in which we contribute to sustainable development. We participated in 2022 as panelists in the First Meeting for the Inclusion of Diversities.
  • Zero Rating for the Centro de Relevo app: now our customers with hearing disabilities can enjoy the Centro de Relevo application without spending their data, an app made to access an interpreting service and be able to communicate with any hearing person throughout the country.
  • We Cam Fest: we sponsor the new edition of We Cam Fest, the international inclusive and accessible film festival, organized by the Cine Social Foundation and the CIREC Foundation, aimed at the general public, which in addition to showing other perspectives on life through cinema, seeks to be a platform for the creation of content made by and with people with disabilities or on the subject. This initiative is carried out in its second version in a hybrid format (face-to-face and digital) from November 24 to December 10, 2022.
  • Robotics School: Fundación Telefónica Movistar presented the first Inclusive Robotics School in Colombia, a training space in which more than 100 teachers, volunteers, psychosocial teams and pedagogues from all over the country receive training in basic programming and begin their robotics phase.
  • EnlightED: we participated in the 5th edition of EnlightED on innovation, education and technology