Inquiries and complaints channel

Responsible Business Channel

Complaints and Claims Mechanism Attentive to Human Rights, Relations and the Environment

It seeks to receive, attend to and resolve in a non-confrontational and timely manner the disagreements associated with the negative impact resulting from the business activities of Telefónica Movistar in Colombia. It is addressed to all our interest groups. These complaints can be received through the following channels:

  • Web page
  • Movistar Experience Centers
  • Headquarters: Transversal 60 # 114A-55, Bogotá
  • Social Networks
  • Call Center service lines: Dial *611 from a Movistar cell phone or dial 018000 930930 from a Movistar landline.

Mechanism for reporting unethical or illegal conduct

Offers the possibility of reporting, anonymously or personally, any alleged unethical or corrupt conduct committed in the name or on behalf of Telefónica.

Unethical conduct or acts of corruption are understood to be those related to bribery, favorable treatment, conflicts of interest, money laundering, financing of terrorism or that involve crimes against the public administration, among others. If your complaint is not related to these aspects, please refrain from using this mechanism.

Free phone line from anywhere in the country: 01 8009 345712

Virtual complaint form available through Telefónica – Complaints Portal


Mobile contact: 3184989314

Consultation mechanism for unethical conduct or acts of corruption

 If you have questions related to ethical or integrity dilemmas, management of reports of acts of corruption or Telefónica’s Anti-Corruption Policy, you can consult the Compliance Management via email: