Digital Transformation and Agility

We are a company that TRANSFORMS and evolves.

We have established a workforce specially focused on innovation development, creating value not only for our customers and the organization but also for society. It has not only been about inventing and developing new products but also about creating new ways of thinking, operating, and producing. Therefore, it is important for us as a company to continue incorporating the culture and mindset of Agility into our digital transformation processes, as a management model to streamline creation processes under an efficient, dynamic, and disruptive approach. Additionally, we are driving the strengthening of our talent in digital capabilities through development programs, training, and recognition.

Fabián Hernández – CEO Telefónica Colombia

Agility has emerged as a crucial foundation for driving evolution and constant advancement at Telefónica Colombia, marking the beginning of a series of substantial transformations in its organizational approach. In this context, agility is not merely a working method but a mindset shift that drives innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. Through this process, Telefónica Colombia has solidified its position as a leader in Business Agility, directing its efforts towards digitalization and delivering value to the customer.

The Agile and Digital Transformation Journey of Telefónica Movistar

In 2016, Telefónica’s partners engaged in discussions with the software development team to explore the benefits of agility. Inspired by success stories like Netflix and other companies in the telecommunications sector, agile cell pilots based on Scrum began. This approach led to substantial improvements in delivery times, quality, and customer satisfaction.

By 2018, progress continued, leading to the integration of this model into the organizational strategy. Over 60 agile cells and some Kanban cells were formed to optimize processes. In 2019, there was a focus on driving agility across all areas of the company as part of the organizational culture, aiming to innovate, automate, simplify operations, and improve the quality of products and services.

Telefónica Colombia had been immersed in the agile model for over three years when, in 2020, it embarked on its most ambitious process yet: the transformation towards Business Agility. This movement was motivated by the need to accelerate to market, improve productivity, and focus on the customer. The year ended with 78 active cells and the training of over 2,000 employees in The New Telefonica Way, thus strengthening the agile mindset.

Additionally, agility became an accelerator for digital transformation, enabling the provision of digital solutions for self-service transactions to customers. Furthermore, 250 initiatives were designed and implemented for the development of new products and services, ensuring customer information security and product/service reliability.

The agile operational model was strengthened, and the first design milestone was reached by fulfilling 100% of our transformation blueprint. The roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master were consolidated, and the agile culture was promoted through training programs and growth events in the Digital mindset to strengthen Digital Capabilities in non-digital role employees, reaching over 2500 people. By this time, the Company had become a reference in Business Agility in Colombia.

Telefónica Colombia positioned itself as a leader in digital technologies implementation and Business Agility. The drive towards the agile operational model intensified, reaching 15 Trains and 9 Centers of Excellence. The Digital Transformation plan was consolidated, focusing on process automation and improving the customer experience. The digital maturity index experienced significant growth.

Currently, we continue to drive Business Agility, with a focus on digitalization and delivering value to the customer. Every step we take, every innovation we drive is guided by the desire to improve the lives of our customers and communities. We will continue to work tirelessly to fulfill our mission, leveraging agility and innovation to offer solutions that make a difference in the lives of our users. Together, we are building a more humane, connected, and bright future for all.