We invest in the access and digital growth of the regions. We do it with a sense of progress, a human sense, an environmental sense, an ethical sense and a sense of belonging to Colombia.

Our action model: the basis for being sustainable

• Compliance and risk management. We guarantee compliance with our international, national and local regulatory framework, coordinating it at the corporate level, to anticipate trends or legislative changes in an environment in which more and more economic, social and environmental fields are being regulated.

• Responsible productivity. We work to improve our productivity by incorporating sustainability criteria across all our processes. In addition to offering customers quality and service, we seek efficiencies and value through a long-term commitment to talent management, environmental issues, the supply chain and, in general, a culture of ethics and integrity that pervades all our actions, both internal and external.

• Growth associated with sustainable development. We value the social or environmental benefits of the products and services that we offer to our clients, companies and individuals. And we work to make the digital environment increasingly open and secure, so that technology opportunities are available to everyone, promoting geographic, social and personal accessibility to technology.

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