Shareholder support office

The Board of Directors and the management of Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP will ensure that all the Company shareholders receive a fair and equal treatment according to the recognized rights and duties.
The Company respects and cares for its shareholders, for this reason, the Company:

  1. Establishes clear roles in charge of the General Shareholders Meeting, as the highest corporate body.

  2. Recognizes and protects the rights of all its shareholders and informs them of their duties.

  3. Provides a fair and equal treatment to its shareholders.

  4. Provides the necessary information to all its shareholders in order for them to make their decisions.

  5. Plans and carries out the General Shareholders Assemblies meetings in such a way that all its shareholders may participate.

  6. Establish procedures aimed to protect the minority shareholders from abusive acts by, or in interest of, the shareholders with controlling powers.

In order to ease interaction with our shareholders and potential investors, the Company has the Office.

The Shareholders Office has as a purpose the satisfaction of the needs and concerns of the shareholders and potential investors regarding the management of the Company, their rights and duties, offering at every moment clear, objective, immediate and non-discriminatory information on the Company and its activities that allows the shareholders and potential investors to make informed decisions regarding their investment.

It is possible to access to this office by writing to the following e-mail: , or to the Corporate Affairs Management, Transversal 60 (Avenida Suba) # 114 A- 55 Corporate Block.

The Shareholders Office will address the shareholders and potential investors requests regarding compliance with the Good Governance Code and will give a clear and sufficient reply within the fifteen (15) working days following the request.