Job development

“Grow with us”

We create an ecosystem that favors the development of the full potential of our employees by offering them the best training and opportunities for growth and internal career.

Leadership Programs

On the path towards the transformation that the Telefónica Group finds itself in, it is increasingly important that our leaders can lead their teams on the right path. Our leadership programs focus on developing in them the best and greatest skills to lead their work teams, we seek them to “Appropriate the role of leader and internalize the behaviors and tools typical of the Telefónica Leadership culture”.

  • Lidérame

    It is an internal program designed to “Appropriate the role of leader and internalize the behaviors and tools of the Telefónica Leadership culture”, which seeks to make the organization’s leaders aware of the principles, concepts and desirable behaviors associated with leadership at Telefónica, and Make them part of your way of managing work teams.

  • Exponential Leadership

    It is a program that provides leaders with the necessary tools for their teams through short workshops with a variety of content. This initiative seeks to align our leaders and bosses, focusing on some common general priorities with three levels of certification: basic, intermediate and advanced.

  • Lidérate

    It is a personal leadership program focused on each participant designing the actions to be successful in their personal and professional life.

  • Future Leaders

    Program aimed at high-potential Telefónica professionals from different areas. The main objective of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their own talent, their potential, and the skills of a high-performance professional.

Female Leadership Programs

We encourage women’s leadership and promote gender diversity at all levels of our company.

  • Talent

    Program aimed at high-contribution women in middle management, aimed at promoting and developing female talent, contributing to the acquisition of new skills, promoting networking, generating a global business vision and self-confidence.

  • Women in Leadership

    Initiative that seeks to promote the professional career of Telefónica women, reinforcing the necessary levers to successfully face the opportunities and challenges in executive positions.

  • Women and Leaders

    This program allows its participants to develop the confidence they need to become more influential leaders.

Youth programs

We seek to boost talent and rejuvenate our workforce, opening the doors to talented young people under 30, providing them with the necessary tools and support to encourage them to participate in the creation of a new digital world.

Our Youth Programs give you the possibility of achieving direct involvement in our organization, as well as participating in projects that encourage them to develop different ways of thinking and encourage them to create a new digital world.

Young Talent – ​​Top Talent: Initiative that encourages the linking of young undergraduate graduates, offering a special hiring program for one year to work on projects in various areas of the company, which has an environment that allows them to develop professionally, supported by in a development plan, accompaniment and advice in multiple skills. At the end of the project, depending on the performance and learning during the program, Telefónica may offer you the opportunity to join the Company.

Young Talent – ​​Talent Plus: We accompany professionals under 30 years of age in monthly activities in which networking, leadership and empowerment are promoted, with the aim of generating links that foster the relationship of those who will be the future leaders of the Organization.


It is our Corporate University. Through a commitment model, it is oriented towards developing in the participants the main human dimensions, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual, which contribute to promoting an integral leader. At Universitas, participants will be able to take a deep dive into new areas and exponential technologies, you will understand how all industries are reinventing themselves, you will learn the necessary tools to drive organizational transformation, and finally, they will have time for self-reflection, unlearning, and re-introduction. learn and unlock your potential.

On Campus: consists of 7 star programs where we offer our Telefónica employees and external companies within the Universitas facilities.

On the Road: Universitas travels to any destination in the world to bring the programs home. We offer 4 “on the road” programs to all Telefónica employees.

Online Learning

We promote dynamic and interactive training where our collaborators can have access to countless knowledge through different learning communities and online training platforms.

It is Telefónica’s commercial certification program for the B2B segment, which includes Corporations, Companies and SMEs. This is an inspiring and innovative learning space with skills and levels in which they will learn about Telefónica products, how they work and what solution they offer our customers.

Learning environment that promotes knowledge of new technologies through Big Data.

MOOC Miriadax
Miríada X is an online platform developed by the Telefónica Group and Universia, with the aim of promoting learning through courses on various topics.

HR Academy
It is a learning environment focused on enhancing knowledge through best practices and the latest trends in people management.

It is a natural, progressive and complete learning platform, where you can assimilate the different concepts of Languages ​​intuitively through permanent use and practice.

Conoce Movistar
Knowledge program about the company’s processes, products, services and initiatives, turning employees into Movistar ambassadors with family and friends, in addition to having a high degree of knowledge generating a culture of study and permanent updating.