Benefits, welfare and recognition

“We value you”

At Telefónica we offer competitive and flexible salaries and benefits for all our employees. We promote meritocracy and recognition of employees with the most talent and contribution. We take care of our employees, the balance between their personal-professional life and the work environment.

People of value

We promote the habit of recognition at all levels of the organization. Through a platform and in a simple and fast way where collaborators can recognize and receive recognition for different reasons internally and publicly throughout the Group. These distinctions are linked to the values ​​and behaviors of Telefónica (Challenging, open and trustworthy).

Uno Benefits Program

We offer our collaborators unique and differential options that go according to their interests. Our Uno Benefits Program is one of them. Through it, we grant our collaborators credits to program benefits in “time”. Each person chooses among 11 options, the ones that best suit their needs and tastes, and through the redemption of their 1000 “annual credits” they enjoy free time. Among the options are: two days off to enjoy Christmas, noon on the Friday off before the holiday, a day off to do what you like best or the day off on your birthday, among others.

Momentos Movistar Program

It is a quality of life program that seeks to group activities and fun experiences throughout the year in a single space, so that employees can enjoy individually, as a group and as a family, making use of the credits they have available. The categories to choose from within the portfolio are: Gastronomy, sports, rest, recreation, culture and tangible elements.

Feel Good Program

We want to become a world benchmark in corporate Wellness, generating a positive impact on our collaborators, their environment and the organization, in this way we actively encourage them to increase their level of well-being and health through four interrelated areas of action between Yes.

  • Feel Good Nutrition: Create healthy eating habits and provide tools to make better decisions regarding food.

  • Feel Good Physical Activity: Activate movement as a source of well-being from small exercises or walks to big sporting challenges.

  • Feel Good Health: Prevent and detect diseases.

  • Feel Good Person: Encourage emotional well-being and personal leadership programs.

Flexible Work Measures and work at home (E-work)

We seek to make the working day more flexible by giving our employees the opportunity to do their work one day a week outside the Company’s facilities, after having reached an agreement with their immediate boss.

Flexible schedules

We implement work schemes that allow collaborators to choose entry and exit times, complying with the weekly hours required by the organization.

There are 4 possible days of schedules to be agreed with the Immediate Supervisor

6:00 a.m. a 4 p.m.

7.00 a.m. a 5 p.m.

8.00 a.m. a 6 p.m.

9:00 a.m. a 7 p.m.

On the other hand, we also promote the culture of gathering from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

New ways of working

We have spaces (internal and external) to promote in our collaborators an environment where creativity, productivity and efficiency are promoted, aligned with our vision of becoming an Onlife Telco. Collaborators will be able to enjoy spaces equipped with televisions and erasable walls to express ideas and share them with the team, suitable open rooms with sofas, puffs, support tables and enclosures with soundproof panels promoting short meetings and connectivity throughout the headquarters.


Extended Maternity Leave: We grant two additional weeks (14 calendar days) to the maternity leave contemplated in the law of 18 weeks (126 calendar days), thus extending the maternity leave established in labor regulations, for a total of of 20 weeks (140 calendar days). In the event of multiple births, two additional weeks (14 calendar days) are granted to the maternity leave contemplated by law for this type of birth of 20 weeks (140 calendar days), thus extending the maternity leave in multiple births established in labor regulations, for a total of 22 weeks (154 calendar days).

Extended Paternity Leave: we grant six additional business days to the paternity leave contemplated by law of eight business days, thus extending the paternity leave established in labor regulations, for a total of 14 business days.

Homoparental Leave: we grant all our employees who are immersed in relationships with people of the same gender and whose partners give birth to, or are adopters of a minor, and this type of leave is not regulated by current laws. license, a paid license, for which the worker must provide an affidavit indicating whether he is in charge of the primary or secondary care of the minor, where the following rules will be reviewed.

Whoever indicates that they have the primary care of the minor, will enjoy a leave of 20 weeks (140 calendar days) or 22 weeks (154 calendar days) in multiple births.

Whoever indicates to have secondary care of the minor will enjoy a license of 14 business days.

Leave in case of abortion or childbirth: we grant our collaborators in the event in which the partner of one of them (wife/permanent partner) during the course of the pregnancy suffers an abortion or non-viable premature birth , a paid leave equivalent to two weeks, in those cases that this type of leave is not regulated by current laws.

Gradual return of Maternity & Paternity: Once the father and/or mother rejoin the enjoyment of maternity or paternity leave, as the case may be, as an additional benefit to the extension of the leave, they may gradually return to their work, consisting of the reduction of one hour of their daily work shift for a period of 30 calendar days, previously coordinating with the immediate boss the applicable work schedule. This benefit is also applicable if the mother’s return coincides with her lactation period, or at the end of the vacation period taken adjacent to the leave.