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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The mailbox in the Press Room is exclusively for dealing with requests from the media. Any other request will not be attended. In particular, it is revealed that this mailbox is not valid for notification purposes.

Investor contact

Contact: Zamir Jose Suz Ruiz

Position: Gerente de Finanzas

Phone number: 7050000


Office:: Transversal 60 (Av. Suba) No 114A – 55 Bloque B Piso 1 | Bogotá – Colombia

IMPORTANTE NOTICE: Investor Relations’ mailbox will only respond to questions from Investors/Shareholders and Analysts on Telefónica’s results and strategy. Please note that other queries will not be addressed by this mailbox. In particular, please note that this mailbox is not a valid recipient for notification purposes.

Colombia Telecomunicaciones makes available the email with the sole purpose of receiving communications from the judicial branch. Due to the above, any message that does not correspond to this topic will not be read and will automatically be deleted from this mailbox. 

The PQR will be attended in the channels established by the company.

Labor certificate for former employees

If you are a former collaborator of Fundación Telefónica and Telefónica Colombia (including the mergers of Trunking, Unión Temporal, Cocelco, Celumóvil, Rey Ruíz, Telefónica Data, Bellsouth, Telefónica Móviles Colombia and Colombia Telecomunicaciones), through this email, the following requests can be made: labor certificates, income and withholding certificates from 2012, social security certificates from August 2006, ARL student and apprentice certificates, among others.

According to the type of certificate, the fields listed in the following table must be filled out, which are contained in the Format, which must be attached to the application.

Type of CAE CertificatesCompany with which the applicant workedID number of the applicantE-mail address of the applicantCell phone number of the applicantWith salary Yes/NoReason for withdrawal of the applicantAddressed to:
Labor certificate: names, surnames, identity card, position, date of entry/retirementXXXXXXX
Certificate of income and withholdings from the year 2012XXXXN/AN/AN/A
Certificates of my social security form from August 2006XXXXN/AN/AN/A
Certified ARL students and apprenticesXXXXN/AN/AN/A

Note: If you worked with the old Telecom, before July 27, 2003, you must call the Autonomous Patrimony of Remnants at the telephone numbers +57 6012841045 and 6012841046.

Personnel selection processes


Colombia Telecomunicaciones provides the following e-mail address:  to receive communications from third parties other than the judicial branch (rama judicial) and the Company’s suppliers (billing).

Concern and Whistleblowing Channel

We will answer your questions about compliance with our Responsible Business Principles