Relationship with communities
The building confidence with the communities is a fundamental objective in developing our operations to identify it, recognize, manage, assume responsibilities and establish a transparent attitude on the impacts of our business to the communities, seeking to avoid potential conflict events and establishing crisis management actions to ensure our responsiveness. As a fundamental tool in this process, we have defined the following business principles which guide the action of our employees in managing issues with our stakeholders:

1. We recognize the community as a stakeholder. It is a principle of sustainability, because their behaviour influence our plans and results.

2. We dialogue with communities and their representatives. this is the way to identify their expectatives and could establish agreements.

3. We promise only what we can deliver.

4. We are looking for legitimacy as well as legality. We participate in community solutions to give good faith and to get validation of our actions.

5. We build confidence. Keeping the dialogue, meet commitments and act responsibly providing us long-term relationships.

If you know of any impact of our operating infrastructure that affect or may come to affect a community write us to: