In the Privacy Policy we describe how, for what reasons, and where we process information, as well as the type of data we manage. Our activities are subject to this policy in every geographical region in which we operate.

In Telefónica we incorporate privacy in our products and services as one of the essential aspects to be considered, from their ideation and design to their implementation.

The ultimate responsibility for our privacy strategies is the Chief Privacy Officer and the head of our Big Data strategy is the Chief Data Officer.

  • Chema Alonso is the Telefonica’s Chief Data Officer. He is responsible for defining the company’s overall strategy in Big Data, Advertising and fourth platform with a view to empowering customers to better understand how their data can work for them and how they can leverage the use of their data in terms of service customisation.

  • Juan Montero Rodil assumes the position of Chief Privacy Officer of Telefónica. His function is to ensure the company at all times complies with applicable legislation.

On the other hand, just as we integrate in our policies and procedures the respect to privacy, we also take into account freedom of expression. Both human rights are often in connection and become relevant in the online world.

As a further step towards transparency, Telefónica has published a report on the requirements we received from the corresponding authorities, covering all countries in which we operates.

Telefonica is part of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue Group for freedom of expression and privacy (Telecom Industry Dialogue or TID), in which the industry (telco’s and manufacturers), actively promotes dialogue between governments, industry, civil society, investors, international organizations, and other stakeholders.

Within this Dialogue Group, we have adopted the “Communication sector principles of freedom of speech and privacy”. Check here our progress in its implementation.