Our Shareholders
The authorized capital of Colombia Telecomunicaciones (or the Company) is $1,454,870,740,000, divided into 1,454,870,740,000 ordinary nominative shares with a value of one peso currency ($1.oo). The Company's subscribed and paid-out capital is composed of 3.410.075.788 ordinary shares. To date, the Company has 1.451.460.664.212 shares in reserve. The company's shareholding composition is as follows:
Accionistas No. Acciones Poncentaje (%)
Telefónica Hispanoamérica, S.A. 2.301.779.819 67,49937427
La Nación - Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público 32,49984282
Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia - RTVC 10.000 0,00029325
Shirley Puentes Mercado 9.950 0,00029178
Adriana Cepeda Rodríguez 2.488 0,00007296
Patricia Cepeda Rodríguez 1.493 0,00004378
Darío Cárdenas Navas 885 0,00002595
Eduardo Cárdenas Caballero 826 0,00002422
Jhon Jairo Gutiérrez Torres 498 0,00001460
Kira Torrente Albor 349 0,00001023
Canal Regional de Televisión Ltda. TEVEANDINA 200 0,00000586
Área Metropolitana de Bucaramanga 2 0,00000006
Instituto de Vivienda de Interés Social y Reforma Urbana del Municipio de Bucaramanga - INVISBU 2 0,00000006
Caja de Previsión Social Municipal de Bucaramanga 2 0,00000006
Cooperativa de Empleados de las Empresas Públicas de Bucaramanga Ltda. 2 0,00000006
Central de Inversiones S.A.-CISA 1 0,00000003
Total 3.410.075.788 100%
Our Shareholders
1. To participate in the deliberations of the General Shareholders' Meeting and vote in it;

2. To receive a proportional part of the social benefits established by the year-end balances;

3. That of freely negotiating the shares subject to the law and the provisions of article eight of the statutes;

4. That of freely inspecting the books and social papers, within the fifteen (15) business days prior to the meetings of the General Assembly of Shareholders in which the year-end balance sheets are examined; and

5. That of receiving, in the event of liquidation of the company, a proportional part of the company's assets, once the Company's external liabilities have been paid.