Sustainability management

"In Telefonica Movistar we are convinced that sustainability is ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’. The ‘what to do’ guarantees us the results but ‘how to do’ ensure that these results are obtained doing good our business"

Alfonso Gómez Palacio, Presidente Ejecutivo de Telefónica Colombia

Be a mixed capital Company, means a huge responsibility. Create sustainable value, provide information proactively about economic, social, environmental and government management has been an imperative that differentiates Telefonica in the sector.

Our action model: Base to be sustainable

• Fulfillment and risk management. GWe guarantee the fulfillment of our international, national and local regulatory framework, to anticipate trends and legislative changes in a world with more and more regulation in economics, social and environment areas every day.

• Sustainable productivity. We work to improve our productivity incorporating sustainability transversely in all our process. In addition to offering customers, quality and attention, we seek efficiencies and value of talent management, environmental issues and supply chain through a long term, in general a culture of ethics and integrity that permeates all our activities, both, internal and external.

• Growth associated with sustainable development. We value social or environmental benefits of the products and services we offer to our customers, businesses and individuals. We work for a digital environment increasingly open and secure, so that opportunities are available to everyone, promoting geographical, social and personal technology.