To answer at the new realities of the sector, Telefonica Movistar is focused on having the best team and has a culture company that can adapt to the changing customers needs and implement transformation strategic plans.

The Company seeks to create a working environment that allows employees to develop professionally, while feeling proud and committed to getting achievements. Similarly, the safety and health of people are a priority, and the reconciliation between work and personal life.

Telefonica Movistar is committed to being a great place to work and for this; has reated several initiatives for their employees.

Life quality -Program UNO (ONE):time benefits to employees that looking for having a balance between work and personal life.

Protagonist of your development:

  • Agreements with universities
  • E-learning platform with more than 1000 courses
  • Opportunities to participate in internal selection processes
  • Continuing education with “Desarrollo a la carta”
  • International rotations
  • Carolina Scholarships
  • Telefonica University

Talentum:We believe in youth development and technology as the future of business.

Attitude D: A program that recognizes the employee’s efforts and efficiency.

Feel good: Program for employees to live healthier.

Social transformation: We mobilized our social action through corporate volunteering.

Our headquarters have:

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Place
  • Snacks Machines
  • Messenger sevice
  • Taxis
  • Transport routes
  • Gym
  • Soccer Field
  • Banks and ATM

We have a future challenge, not only attract specialized talent in the development of digital services but also gender diversity in critical roles for innovation and the development of the service portfolio.

In 2015 we managed to be the second company in Colombia to receive the ‘Employment Equity Silver Seal’ ‘‘Equipares’’, given by the Ministry of Labor, and it certifies that we have reached Level II of the process management system equity implementation.

Also, we got a 90% of favorability in measuring of ‘Climate and Commitment’ made to our employees in Colombian operation. This result ranks 12 pints above the rate of global commitment.
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