Based on our Business Principles (Ethical code), we build our reputation, we qualify the confidence of our stakeholders and maximize the long term value for our shareholders and for society in general.

Business Principles Office, is responsible of divulge the principles, ensure their implementation and compliance, respond the inquiries and complaints and promote policies and regulations that safeguard their applicability.

In Colombia, this office is formed by the Human Resources, Audit, Intervention and Inspection, Strategy, General Secretary and Institutional Relations Directorates; this areas are directly responsible to process each of queries and complaints received through the channel.

Principles to manage the channel:

  1. Confidentiality: data and statements will be examined with strict confidentiality.

  2. Completeness: information received about potential failure of the Principles will be investigate to determinate the declared situation veracity.

  3. Respect:at all the times will be taken into consideration the rights of those involved in potential violations. So, before making judgements about declared situations, affected people and/or employees will have the right to transfer the reasons and explanations that they consider necessary.

  4. Background: any decision should be adopted in a reasoned, proportionate and appropriate way under the circumstances and environment of the facts.

If you have any questions or complaint about Principles, you can send it to: here
Honesty and trust

• We prove our integrity and trustworthiness by meeting all the commitments we take on.

• We protect the confidentiality of any information we’re given. Whether it’s about our people, our company, our customers, our shareholders or our suppliers.

• We let our customers, our people, shareholders, suppliers and partners know how we use and store their personal information. We also tell them how they can access it if they need to change it.

• We do what we can to keep that information secure. If the security is ever compromised, we’ll act quickly and responsibly.

Respect for the law

• We comply with all legislation, regulations and regulatory obligations, nationally and internationally, while also considering our own internal policies and regulations.

• We provide truthful, comprehensive, appropriate and clear information in the reports that we submit to the pertinent Securities Market Supervisory Authorities, as well as in the Company’s other public communications.

• We compete fairly in our markets. We believe that consumers and society in general benefit from free, open markets.


•We prohibit all forms of bribery. We do not permit promising, offering or giving any benefit or advantage of any nature to persons, to influence any kind of decisions (including official, administrative or judicial decisions) or obtain improper advantages for the Company. It is also prohibited to accept any benefit or advantage that might result in a failure of the duties and obligations of a Telefonica employee.

• We do not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or other types of incentives which may reward or influence a business decision.

• We avoid or declare any conflict of interest which may lead to divided personal loyalties.

• We act honestly. We don’t abuse our position or contacts to benefit ourselves or third parties. At an institutional level, we’re politically neutral. We don’t take a position, directly or indirectly, for or against any political parties.

• We do not make donations of any type, either in cash or in kind, to political parties, organisations, factions, movements, bodies, of either a public or private nature, whose activity is clearly linked with political activity.

Human Rights

• We respect the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the declarations of the International Labour Organization.

• We promote equal opportunities and we treat all individuals fairly and impartially, without discriminating with regard to race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, age, disability or family responsibilities.