In our offices
Eco-friendly headquarters:

In Telefonica we are committed to the environment, we have promoted and implemented a program of tress care and preservation in Morato, our main headquarters to reduce pollution.

Employees and visitors can learn about our vegetation around them in Telefonica. Among the most representative trees found ‘Palma Alejandra’, ‘Caucho Sabanero’, ‘Palma de Cera’ and ‘Guayacan de Manizales.

This initiative aims to strengthen ecological restoration to provides life quality, health, cultural heritage and beautification.

Ecological Mobility:

In 2015 were installed three new ‘Biciparking Movistar’ on administrative offices to all the employees of the Entrerrios, Chapinero and Chia headquarters. 543 employees were registered as users of this service during 205 and between 180 and 190 people use it daily.