Our operation
Reducing Power Consumption:

The main demand of electricity and fuel in our operation is caused in telecommunications networks operation. In this value chain step we have greater opportunities to generate energy efficiency and cleaner and alternative energy.

Telefonica Colombia established a medium-term (7 years) project ‘ESCO’,which seeks to improve the efficient use of energy resources on fixed and mobile telecommunications network at the national level. The goal is to reduce consumption by 20% by 2020, taking as a baseline consumption reported in 2010. To achieve this, we are projecting that from 2015, they will be made changes on low efficiency rectification equipment to equipment with higher efficiency with reduced consumption of up to 11%.

Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring:

The company complies with electromagnetic emission levels permitted, obtaining measured values up to 10 times less than the maximum values set by international standards. To ensure compliance with the exposure limits of electromagnetic waves emitted by the antennas, in 2015, 45 electromagnetic fields measurements were performed that meet the requirements of the community, entities or in places where there are processes of negotiation to enter trading.


In 2015, 465 noise measurement were performed on 444 technical and 21 administrative sites and ‘Experience Centers’, that had an approximate cost of 448.1 million pesos. Similar, to mitigate the operation larges sites impact, 5 soundproofing, adequacy of plant and noise control works for an approximate value of 285.3 million pesos, ensuring legal compliance.

Waste management:

Movistar handle hazardous waste such as: batteries, oils, filters, impregnated waste with hydrocarbon residues, lighting. We guarantee that the management of this waste is performed according to the requirements of Colombia regulations.

The most common waste in our operations are oil and batteries. For proper management and disposal, Telefonica Movistar relies on specialized waste managers that have an appropriate operating authorizations.