Commercial area
By ‘Cero Papel’ (Zero paper) initiative we want our customers to have a more digital experience in our ‘Experience centers’. Whit this project, we streamline procedures, reduce the risk of theft and reduce paper consumption. At the end of 2015, 61 ‘Experience Centers’ have implemented this initiative, and 23 are in progress. ‘Cero Papel’ includes identify, photograph and fingerprints digitization.

Whit this change and supported by internal awareness campaigns, it has been reduced between 16% and 58% of the sales process time.

Others benefits that has brought this development are:

  • Reduced paper used in the Experience Centers
  • Reducing possibility of fraud or impersonation.
  • Automatically legalization sales.
  • Digital storage of documents allow.
  • Construction of a search engine for our biometric identification allow.
  • Documentation filling error reduced.
  • Operating time decreased average.
  • Ensure that our customer live an 100% digital experience.