Digital confidence

Confidence is the most important for the growth of the digital economy value, that’s why in Telefonica we work for our customers to trust in the digital work and making their Internet experience safe, providing guarantees on their data personal data control, preserving a private identify and creating an enabling environment for everyone to enjoy technology quietly.

On this front we operate under strict policies to protect users rights in the digital world, we offer a portfolio of products and services focused on cybersecurity and we have an internal work agenda in collaboration with other actors looking to protect children against the screens.

  • Children protection against the screens:

    High exposure to technology tools has brought new challenges to protect users privacy and underage minors integrity on the network; we understand that we are a key factor in this process and that’s why we develop initiatives to help us in this regard.

    • Family protection tools:

      Telefonica Movistar has value added products that makes easier for families protect data, exercise their right to privacy and make the Internet experience safer for everyone.

      McAfee Security Center allows parents to set rules by schedules and navigation lock pages that may contain inappropriate content.

    • Te Protejo

      Te Protejo The first anonymous virtual channel to complaint in Colombia and Latin America, in this channel you can report illegal content and/or threatening to children under 18 years, mainly abuse and sexual exploitation through Internet.

  • Data protection:

    : Our main task to increase the confidence customer level is to ensure the protection of personal data that we have been entrusted by shareholders, employees, suppliers and users. For this, the company has a policy for the Treatment of Personal Data, this policy reports about the data that can be collect, the use to be made of them, and the rights that owner's rights over them, as well as channels for its exercise. Privacy Center

  • Cybersecurity

    : In a world increasingly connected, information protection and cybersecurity are the keys to the digital economy development and human rights respect, aware of this, Telefonica Movistar works on multiple lines to ensure network security, confidentiality integrity of customer data. To advance on this task we have processes and work teams that manage network security.

    At the same time, we offer tools to our clients to protect themselves in the network, and this is how we have designed products and services based on the needs of each client. See more.