Supply chain
The supply chain is the special partner of Telefonica Movistar in its efforts to transform the lives of colombians and help strengthen the local economy. For this reason, the growth and development of the partners and suppliers of the company, is not only important to improve the effectiveness of the processes and increase the competitiveness of Movistar in the market, but also to achieve the corporate commitment to the country.

Since 2010, Telefonica Group has a "Policy responsibility in the supply chain" that promotes the ethics and labor standards, environmental y security and health compliance in all of supply chain, and in this way, promotes a better life condition of the employees.

The Policy has five principles:

To ensure compliance with safety procedures and occupational health, human resources and labor obligations to their employees, the company has a detailed audit and monitors the suppliers that support the technical process of deployment and management plan network in order to minimize risks and labor contingencies.

In 2014 the company made 26 audits to 11 partners of the "Networks Direction". As a result of this monitoring, were found 451 findings that generated the corresponding improvement plans.

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Conflict Minerals

In the Telefónica Group we are committed to take action to ensure that the products we receive from our suppliers are responsible origin.

Therefore, we follow the OECD guidelines set out in "Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas" report

In this sense:

  • It has adopted a policy of the company.
  • It has been structured to support internal management due diligence in the supply chain, according to our policy of responsibility in the supply chain.
  • We are implementing a system of control and transparency over the supply chain of minerals from conflict.
  • It has strengthened our commitment to strategic suppliers.
  • A complaint mechanism will be established in the company.
  • A report on the supply chain within the due diligence will be presented.

  • On the other hand, Telefonica as a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange strictly comply with Section 1502: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

    Eradication of child labor

    Telefonica Foundation created Aquí Estoy y Actúo with the support of the Global Compact, Trust Consultores and A cross International. This is an intelligent digital tool that allows companies (not only of our supply chain), perform self-diagnosis for free and get an action plan tailored based on an algorithmic model.