About Fundación Telefónica Colombia
Fundación Telefónica is the entity responsible for channeling social and cultural action of the Telefónica Group. Its mission is to improve people´s development opportunities through educational, social and cultural projects, adapted to the challenges of the digital world.

To do this, Fundación Telefónica works with own programs in which we participate with commitment and sustainable way to achieve social impact. We anticipate exploring future trends using the latest technologies in the development of our projects, promoting initiatives contributing to the development of environments in which Telefónica operates and is committed.

The projects are developed through networking with our allies, sharing experiences, building synergies and promoting collaborative work. We worked in four strategic areas: Education and Learning, Art and Digital Culture, Elimination of Child Labour and Corporate Volunteering worldwide. Fundación Telefónica activity is characterized by:

  • It is not based on welfare or sponsorship, but in developing our own projects.
  • Our projects are usually carried out in collaboration with third parties (Third Sector, public sector, private sector), with whom we design and implement solutions to specific social problems.
  • Our actions seek to enable the empowerment of people.
  • The intervention models we develop that proof successful must be susceptible of being copied and applied by other agents (organizations, governments, institutions…).
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