Our Shareholders
The authorized capital of the Company is COP $1.454.870.740.000, the subscribed capital is $3.410.059.291 ordinary shares with a par value of COP $1.oo. The shares in which the authorized capital of the Company are divided are called “Class A Shares” if subscribed by public entities, and “Class B Shares” if subscribed by private entities.

The initial input of the State Ministry of Finance and Public Credit at the moment of the setting up of the Company, consisted in the authorization received for participation in the telecommunications business pursuant to Decree Law 1616 of 2003, including the contribution of licenses, authorizations and concessions and any other qualifying title required for the offering of telecommunication services property of the National Telecommunications Company Telecom at the moment of enactment of the decree pursuant to which the National Government ordered its dissolution and liquidation. The amount of the initial input (in assets) of the State Ministry of Finance and Public Credit was of COP$436.461.123.000.

Currently the Company does hold shares in reserve. Pursuant to the Shareholders Registry, the composition of the Company is as follows:
Shaderholders Shares Percentage (%)
Telefónica Latinoamerica Holding S.L. 1.756.837.596 51,51926832%
La Nación - Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público 32,50000004%
Latin America Cellular Holdings S.L. 275.602.636 8,08204821%
Telefónica S.A. 269.339.586 7,89838425%
Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia –RTVCC 10.000 0,00029325%
Canal Regional de Televisión Ltda. TEVEANDINA 200 0,00000587%
Central de Inversiones S.A. –CISA- 1 0,00000003%
Terra Networks Colombia S.A.S 1 0,00000003%
Total 3.410.059.291 100%