About Telefónica Colombia
Telefónica is one of the biggest drivers of the digital economy in the country, with revenues of 5.47 billion pesos in 2018.

The activity of the company, which operates under the Movistar brand, is mainly focused on mobile telephony and connectivity, broadband services, home fiber optic, satellite television, fixed telephony and the offer of digital solutions for small, medium and large companies and corporations.

Telefónica is present in 283 municipalities with fixed broadband, 957 with mobile telephony and in 776 it offers 4G LTE technology. Likewise, it offers fixed telephony in 703 municipalities.

Telefónica ended 2018 with a customer base of 19,1 million: 15,7 million mobile lines, 1,2 million broadband customers, 548 thousand digital satellite TV and 1,6 million fixed lines in service.